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Grounds Maintenance

What We Provide

Keeping your grounds in perfect condition

No matter the size of your grounds or gardens, Createscape will be able to keep everything ship shape all year round. Offering you general cleaning, tidying and clearing as well as specialist lawn care, we can take care of all of the little jobs that each do their part to maintain the big picture. Whether you’re interested in one off or regular services, we can help with grounds maintenance throughout Devon & Cornwall.

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Lawn Care & Treatments

Always Prepared

Createscape Landscaping & Fencing Services Seasonal lawn care.

It’s tempting to just leave your lawn to its own devices. If you do this however you’ll end up with one result – a patchy, unhealthy and unattractive lawn. In addition to grounds maintenance, Createscape provides expert care for your lawn. Whether you have a small garden or extensive grounds with many acres to take care for, we are here to help. From the first spring sunshine when you begin clearing, mowing and feeding your lawn ready for the long summer months to the end of autumn, ensuring your lawn survives the winter looking its best. Contact us today for a free quotation or advice.

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Hedge Cutting, Planting and Maintenance

Attention to Detail

Let Createscape Landscaping & Fencing Services look after all your Hedge Needs



At Createscape we offer a range of services relating to hedge control, including hedge planting to establish a new hedge, trimming and maintenance of existing hedges, hedge height reduction and hedge removal across Plymouth, Devon & Cornwall.

Our Hedge Management Services for both Domestic and Commercial Customers include :

  • Define your property boundary

  •  Attract wildlife

  •  Security or Privacy Reasons

  •  Create a Windbreak

  •  Allow our experts to advise you on the correct Plants

  • Hedge Pruning to achieve preferred shaping

  •  Hedge Trimming (May to September) to maintain shape and to minimise disfigurement encourage allow production of new foliage.

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